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Steak • Seafood • Ribs

Steak • Seafood • Ribs

Steak • Seafood • Ribs

Family-Owned Excellence
Enjoy Delicious American Eats

Adams Lake Pub is proud to be your home for the best food, service, and view around. As a locally-owned restaurant, we pride ourselves on higher standards in food quality and professionalism. Featuring an interesting array of in-house chef-prepared foods, with a focus on steak & seafood, and staff and bartenders who make the best martinis.

adams lake pub sign

A Truly Exceptional Dining Experience

Regardless of what food you’re in the mood for, we’re sure to offer you an experience to remember, and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll be back.

Want to learn more about what we do? Give us a call at 260-854-3463 — we’re happy to take a reservation, although walk-ins are also accepted. We look forward to serving you!

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